Social Responsibility

The economic and agricultural development of the areas lived in by our thousands of farming partners is a pillar of our company’s policy. We offer them reasonable and fair prices, thus guaranteeing the future development of their plantations. We consequently help in maintaining the agricultural and rural environment and its social benefits.

Environmental conservation is another of the main aspects of Iberandalus’ philosophies, as we currently provide a small range of biological products which are in constant development. As for ecological measures, we have implemented an integrated agricultural system with many of our farming partners, which helps reduce the amount of phytosanitary treatments on plantations. Our plants are similarly concerned and have activated a permanent waste reduction programme.

To summarise, our company is firmly convinced of the need for a change in the habits of modern developed society (compatibility between working life and family care, use of healthy biological products, use of renewable energy sources, reduction in carbon footprint and global warming…) in order to leave a better world in the hands of our children.

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